Management of critical systems in the Mexican central bank.

Autor: Argelia Guadalupe Vega Nova
The Mexican central bank (Banxico) owns critical systems developed in a highly decentralized computing architecture with a service based technology called ADSOA (Autonomous Decentralized Service Oriented Architecture). ADSOA distributes and massively replicates the functionality in several modules to ensure the availability of systems. For communication between modules there might be a complex configuration. In this paper, we present the ADSOA Manager (APEMan – Autonomous Processing Entity Manager) whose function is deploying, managing and monitoring systems developed with ADSOA technology. APEMan allows configuration verification of modules, as well, APEMan offers accurate information for decision making about improvement opportunities or information to attend immediately if there is a detected fault. As a management tool, it has allowed us to reduce the risk in implementations or manual updates, as well as the system support due to the complexity of the systems architecture and its criticality. Likewise, the implementation time has been significantly reduced as the version update would have to be done in all the instances of each component, making the installation process laborious.