Modeling of active thermography through uncertainty quantification of parameters of the heat transfer equation

Autor: Arturo Ortiz Tapia
Coautor(es): Dr. Martin A. Diaz-Viera; Dr. Rumen Tsonchev; Dr. Marlen Hernandez Ortiz
Active thermography is an experimental technique used to analyze samples of materials or entire structures without destroying them, by means of a heat source, such as a laser beam of a given power. It is posed that such experimental procedure can be modeled mathematically through the complete equation of heat transfer. The uncertainty on the assumption of the value of the parameter emissivity of this equation is to be analyzed calculating the error between concrete experimental data and simulations where such parameter has been taken from the uniform distribution. To the extent of this research, no previous attempt has been made for using the complete equation of heat transfer (without simplifications or linearizations), neither the usage of uncertainty quantification for the specific experimental results to which the mathematical theory was applied.