Investigación en grupos


Starting this 2017, the CNRS (France) will open the International Mixt Unit (UMI) "Laboratorio Solomon Lefschetz" at the Cuernavaca Unit of the Instituto de Matemáticas of the National University of Mexico (UNAM).


Its main purpose is enhancing the collaboration among mathematicians of France and Mexico. With this aim in view, with the support of CNRS, CONACYT and UNAM, the UMI will host a "Research in groups" program.


Research teams may be composed from two to five persons and may include Ph.D. students. At least one of the members of the team must belong to a Mexican University and at least one of them to a French one.


Groups will meet for one to two weeks at the UMI, in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The UMI will pay for the living expenses of the participants. Research groups may continue beyond this time, without the financial support from the UMI, but hosted by it.


The UMI may also consider paying for one air ticket from France. If necessary additional support for transportation (either national or international) may be Considered although our funds for this are very restrictive.


Throughout the stay, the UMI will provide offices, discussion rooms, wi-fi and library access, etc.


Applications must be sent to These will be evaluated by an ad hoc  committee taking into consideration the following guidelines:


- The proposal must contain a specific research project, and include a description of the area of research, as well as the goals and the potential achievements. (Two pages maximum.)

- It must include the CVs of the participants and the expected dates of the stay.

- Financial support requested from LaSoL and other (maybe tentative) sources of financing.

- Additional bibliography that supports the application should be included.

- Priority will be given to groups that include women and/or young researchers.


Applications are open all year round. They should be sent at least two months prior to the expected beginning of the stay. Applications will be evaluated regularly.



Adolfo Guillot (Program Coordinator)

Hamish Short

José Seade