ONLINE Meeting of the Portuguese Mathematical Society


Dear member of the Society, 


it takes three minutes to have a look on the ONLINE Meeting of the Portuguese Mathematical Society, 12-16 July:


  • Fields Medals (4)
  • ICM Invited Speaker
  • EMS Prize
  • Euler Medal
  • Fulkerson
  • Henri Poincaré
  • Loève and Paul Doistau–Émile Blutet
  • Philip Leverhulme
  • MacArthur Fellows
  • CNRS Silver Medal
  • NSF Career
  • TWAS Prize
  • Whitehead Jr&Sr

Parallel Sessions

9 slots to propose parallel sessions


2 hours for each parallel session and 4 speakers. 

Organizing a parallel session is free up to the 31st of May 

There are many, but it would be great to have more


Invite the colleagues of your area and set up a parallel session. 




Online conferences are plastic: there are room for all.  

Any researcher with ideas to share can find here her space.  

Help us make this an unforgettable moment of mathematical delight

Be part of it. On the stage. 


This meeting might be important for your

  • colleagues
  • PhD students
  • Masters Students

Let them know. 


On behalf of the organizing committee,

João Araújo

Mário Bessa

Patrícia Gonçalves